Praeger Publishing Releases Book Highlighting Women Veterans’ Unique Challenges to Healthy Reintegration 

Research and Narrative Combine in Invisible Veterans: What Happens When Military Women Become Civilians Again

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–Praeger Publishing today announced the publication of Invisible Veterans: What happens when military women become civilians again. 

More than 2 million women veterans exist in the United States today. Many of them served across the spectrum of military conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. Debate about combat integration, registering for the draft, and the sexual harassment women veterans face rivets Sunday morning talk show hosts. 

Yet beyond the hotly-debated headlines lie a very personal set of stories. Women veterans’  experiences reintegrating into society after military service have yet to be recorded, examined, and told. 

INVISIBLE VETERANS (On sale July 31, 2019; $48.00; Praeger) works to make those experiences visible.

Marines turned academics Kate Hendricks Thomas and Kyleanne Hunter assembled a powerful team of contributors to lend their research and personal stories to this volume. 

“The population of women veterans is growing faster than the structures and systems in place to support them,” said Thomas. “Now is the time to learn about the strengths and successes of women warriors and to craft intelligent policy change to smooth the transition challenges they face. We must make military women visible.”

Together, Thomas and Hunter expose common threads of lived experience. They spotlight personal experiences and connect them to cutting-edge research on the obstacles and solutions facing women veterans who are single, married, divorced, mothers, culture-diverse, mid-life, and elderly. Their approach includes text on resilience for female veterans and highlights how some are becoming leaders in business, politics, and advocacy. 

The insights and narratives from INVISIBLE VETERANS are useful for those working in the fields of of women’s psychology, health, and social work, or anyone interested in the gaining a deeper understanding of a new and often forgotten generation of veterans. 


About the Authors:

Kate Hendricks Thomas, PhD, is a researcher, speaker, and veterans’ health advocate. A U.S. Marine Corps veteran, she is author of Bulletproofing the Psyche: Preventing Mental Health Problems in Our Military and Veterans

Kyleanne Hunter, PhD, is a nonprofit executive and advocate. She spent 12 years as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, flying the Super Cobra attack helicopter, with multiple combat tours.

  • Publisher: Praeger
  • On sale: July 31, 2019
  • Price: $48.00
  • Pages: 234
  • ISBN-10: 1440866422
  • ISBN-13: 978-1440866425

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