One of the strangest things about living with metastatic cancer is that you never know if you should “have your shovel out.” The life expectancy statistics don’t look good, but I still have a sweet kid to parent, books to write, and days to fill with projects. The temptation to focus on good-byes and living wills competes daily with the ambition and interests that filled my days before I ever entered the world of MRIs and PET scans.

This month is a month of looking forward for me. First, I accepted an exciting new book contract. In 2020 I’ll be publishing a sole-author work with Praeger on “reckoning with resilience.” It is a chance to put to page my latest and greatest, and to get better at combining stories with research. I did a little more writing for Vox, and as always, was happy for the chance to advocate for military women. It is also almost July, when our next anthology, Invisible Veterans, releases. I’ll be so excited to share that with everyone -it is really, really good.

I’m going back to work on a big grant project, helping the team for Operation Deep Dive develop new strategies for suicide prevention. I’m also thrilled to be joining the research team at The Mission Continues, working part-time to publish some of the exciting veterans’ health data that the team has been tracking for years.

I’m going to put my shovel away, mostly because I am too busy to focus on expectancy statistics. I think I’ll be around for a minute.