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If you’re interested in performance optimization, mental fitness matters. You can train your mind to be resilient. Dr. Kate offers practical insights into how to be mentally fit, manage stress, and become better professionals, partners, and parents.


What can a U.S. Marine veteran officer and behavioral health researcher teach you about success? Plenty. Enjoy leadership training blended with holistic health and wellness practices, personal growth tactics, and mindfulness therapies.


Scientists have found surprising links between health, spirituality, and performance. Discover the common sense connections between spirituality and positive life outcomes, and learn how to build spiritual resilience.


Dr. Kate’s unique background enables her to communicate credibly with a variety of audiences. She loves merging engaging stories with hard science.

Meet Dr. Kate
Dr Kate Thomas

“I find the notion that resilience can be
trained, taught, and tested for incredibly

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About Dr. Kate’s Books.

Dr. Kate is the author of two books focused on evidence-based mental fitness and peak performance.


“Leaders have a responsibility to inspire.”

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